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Ongoing Marketing Support

Outsource your marketing to our team in Calgary. Get access to a dedicated marketing team for a fraction of the cost of hiring an employee.

Full Service Marketing Services Agency in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Marketing Plan Details

This plan is best suited for businesses or startups who are looking to maintain and grow their lead generation strategy. Partnering with us to take over your marketing functions long-term takes away the pressure and guesswork of trying to do it all yourself and ensures that complex tasks like Google Ads management are handled by trained specialists. Each Ongoing Marketing Support Plan is tailored to individual clients, and you can expect it to contain a mix of the following elements:

Website Maintenance

Enjoy the peace of mind that your website is kept up-to-date and running smoothly. Maintenance includes plugin updates, framework and security updates, plus an allowance of time for content updates.

Reputation Management

When you’re busy, managing online reviews can be difficult and time-consuming. Our reputation software makes it easy to monitor and manage your online reviews, responses, ratings and mentions all in one place.

Google Adwords Management

We manage bids, budgets, monitor performance, optimize ads, and maintain keyword lists. The plan includes the creation of new ads, depending on what services or specials you'd like to focus on.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We monitor your search engine rankings to make sure your website is visible and positioned well in search results and keep up to date on Google algorithm changes integrating any edits that need to happen as a result.

Pay per Click Management

We set up PPC advertising campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms. We design the ad creative, write the ads, and set up everything needed including audiences, budgets, tracking, and advanced features like remarketing.

Google My Business Management

Did you know that a correctly set up and managed Google My Business page is critical component of SEO? We make sure that Google receives all the right keywords and signals to place your business in maps and local search results.

Newsletter Marketing

We create email newsletters that reach your subscribed customers and prospects and work with you to maintain email mailing lists and create a content calendar that's thematic with seasons and your important events.

Social Media Marketing

We build follower numbers, curate posts that are highly relevant to your audience, highlight your services, and integrate scheduling systems that let us manage multiple platforms from one dashboard.

Portal and Directory Management

We manage updates of your most important online portals, making sure your information is up to date in case of any staff or service changes. It's just another way we help you run things a bit smoother!

Content Marketing

Our writers create original articles for your blog posts that highlight your expertise and boost search engine rankings. We include keyword research, images, newsletter integration, and the creation of content calendars.

Reporting & Analytics

We keep our clients informed about their marketing performance and ad spend with regular analytics touchpoints and automated reporting emails. Our clients also have access to reporting dashboards where they can track their campaign performance.

A Commitment to Privacy and Security

We take the privacy and safety of your data very seriously. Our websites are equipped with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protection, and any private data submitted through inquiry forms is encrypted. Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) intercepts and verifies incoming data and automatically removes any viruses or malicious code.

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